Start Quant Trading with IB Account

To start algo trading, it is recommended that you open an account with Interactive Broker (IB) or at least get a demo account to access to real-time market data and historical data.

Then, download 3 programs below to be ready for algo coding.

First Setup IB Gateway

Before you can get market data or sending orders. First of all you need to log-in to IB Gateway application and make some changes on the configuration.

Select “IB API” option and enter your credential. You can select “Live Trading” or “Paper Trading” for real-trade or simulate-trade respectively.

After log-in, you should see the green status “Connected“. Then, Click “Configuration” menu and go to API section.

Make sure you un-check “Read-only API” to allow Python to send orders to IB and change port to “7496” for IBridgePy to work correctly.

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