Part 2 Scrum Master Get the most out of Sprints

Incremental = small increments of a project are delivered piece by piece until the entire project is complete.

Iterative = clear feedback is elicited after each increment and incorporated into the next increment.

Incremental + Iterative = Success for Scrum team

  • Breaks a larger project into smaller deliveries
  • Can reduce the overall effort
  • Reduces the impact of costly mistakes
  • Incorporates feedback along the way


Sprints is a fix time box often define 1-4 weeks, team attempts to complete all work, incorporate feedback.

Features increments: features are not sized consistently, feedback comes unevenly, may not receive feedback on all features.

Sprint increments: feedback occurs more regularly, encourages stakeholders to give more frequent feedback, easier to coordinate.

How long should my sprint be? as short as 1 week, 2 weeks, or 30 days max.

Shorter sprints – easier to plan, better ability to reduce risk but more time planning.

Longer sprints – more difficult but infrequent planning will incur more risk.

Definition of Done

Shared understanding of Done. Need to be specific and everyone understands the same definition. Production or just tested, or still in QA? need to be sure and agree with the team.

  • Attainable – realistically represents the capabilities of your team.
  • Collaborative – created by both stakeholders and the development team working together.
  • Flexible – subject to change as the team finds better ways to work.

Potentially shippable product increment

Scrum are not necessary shipping complete product at the end of sprint. Always leave the product in a releasable state at the end of each sprint so it depends on business to decide which one should be released.

  • better business value – recoup cost sooner or lessen overall investment.
  • reduce risk – create a product that is ready to ship at any moment.
  • more transparency – covey the team’s true status to project stakeholders.

Learning more

  • Creating effective user stories
  • Book – continuous deliver reliable software release through build, test, and deployment automation – Jez Humble and David Farley.

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