Part 1 Salesforce Admin Set of Tools and Tips

When you end-up being a Salesforce Admin accidentally or you are in a small company and they do not have a dedicate full time job as an admin so you need to be in that role. The problem is many people who are in that position do not have time to learn Salesforce in a proper class room. You do not have time to learning by doing on TrailHead. These blog series will help you get there.

Salesforce Release new features every year and they are there but it does not automatically turn on until an admin turn it on so you need to be aware and know how to enable them.

Quick Search in the Setup screen of the admin is able to search in the entire org not just only things in setup. Most of the stuff below are applied in Classic View.

If you want to make ‘Setup’ as the primary page when log-in. Go to “Setup->User” and find your user, and set the following options:

  • Make Setup My Default Landing Page
  • Quick Access

Salesforce New Release you need to enable yourself

Setup -> User Interface

Setup section: this will help a better views (more effective)

  • Enable Enhance Profile List Views
  • Enable Enhance Profile User Interface

Setup -> Search Setting -> Enhanced Lookups (turn them on), Lookup Auto-Completion (turn them on).

Change Layout of Recent Views

Select Object -> Search Layouts -> Tab (you can add more fields to show).

Setup Audit Logs (it does not impact data storage) – 180 days back

Setup -> Object -> Field -> Set History Tracking (20 fields max)

(Turn-on) Setup -> Object -> Page Layout -> Edit -> Related object -> Add Account History

Report -> Account History will be created automatically.

Setup -> Search – Rename

Setup -> Tab Names -> We can change name of the tab to other names. All places will be changed except in the setup menu. We can also change the name of the fields. Do not create a new object or new fields if you do not like the name. You can change the name on rename functionality. Standard Object have almost everything for you. You create a new customer object/field only when need.

Build app with process builder

Salesforce allows us to create an app with point-and-click model. The beauty of Salesforce platform is that it has ‘Process Builder’ which allow us to automate process flows every easily without coding. Below is an example of the app objects that we are going to build.

We will build an app which can create a invoice on Salesforce. For simplicity, we do not focus on Invoice Line Item for this post.

It starts from Account -> Payment -> Transaction -> Invoice.

First, we will create Invoice object, and we specify auto number with a good format.

Make sure you select “Lunch New Customer Tab…”

Next, and next until finish and create new fields according to object schema above.

Repeat the same for other objects.

Add new relationship fields…