AWS for developer

I am writing this post in the views of a developer.

I used ‘‘ for registering AWS service for testing.

Web app needs a scaling capability which AWS or Cloud seems promising for enterprises. Amazon spot Cloud opportunity in 2003.

AWS First lunch – Simple Queue Service around 2004.

AWS = Collection of could computing services.

We can archive unlimited up-time with above region and availability zone. We can check AWS status on this link.

There are many other Cloud solutions. For examples,

  1. Microsoft Azure – started around 2010. Model is the same as AWS. Pricing is hard to compare with AWS. If you need Windows virtual machines, it is good to choose Azure. .NET App is also good to run. Not global reach like AWS.
  2. IBM Bluemix – very new lunch in 2014. Cloud Foundry open source. If you want an independent provider, this one is a good fit.
  3. Heroku – started in 2007. Easy and quick to get start.

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