AWS Additional services for developers

Elastic Beanstalk

App versions are stored in S3. Each app has limit of 500 versions. Free for AWS, we just need to pay for EC2.

Dynamo DB

is NoSQL solution provided by AWS. Unlimited, Elastic Storage, Only pay for what you use. 4kb read/write size. First 25 GB is free, but read/write is charged. 10 USD / month.


Run data warehouse for use in BI or ETL tools.

We can encrypt entire data warehouse.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Full control of routing tables, NAT gateway, sub net (private, public). Basic VPC is free.


Monitoring & alarm per define metrics and then set action (SMS, email). Aggregate log. Filter log and send alert based on rules define.


is a CDN (fast connection). we need to store static files on S3. Then, we can define what request methods are allowed. Free tier is available for the 1st year.

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